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Breathe air into my lungs
Ammo in my guns
Move my legs to run

Grey is the morning sky
I see it with my eye
Through a window
Breeze in the trees

And love is on the autumn air
In my every prayer
I could try a little more

And they say life ain’t a game that’s played
And it ain’t a thing that’s made
Why do I disagree?

Maybe it’s fear
Maybe boredom, maybe doubt
Maybe you do or you don’t
Figure it out
Maybe it’s not real

But they say New York
Is pretty in the fall
I wouldn’t know at all
I could try a little more

To turn the other cheek
Be strong when I’m weak
Careful when I speak

Cause I could try a little more

And maybe, maybe it’s really just not real
Maybe it really is ideal
Maybe it’s pennies on the deal
But I’m gunna try a little more



This one's the doozie, isn't it? At least in my mind. Again with the windows and the wind... I wrote the first few verses and just hated the whole thing and didn't want to write it. But the damn song kept running through my head, and that's generally the test. Nate Jasensky was my roommate then, and he held a very impressive arsenal of guitars in his possession that I took advantage of in his absence around that time. That got the nylon and 12-string guitars on this recording, which, when used together, proved a crucial salve. The ice clanging against glass heard at the beginning of the record is no sample, and it was plenty late at the time of this recording's creation. Layering often offers a great opportunity to mask imperfections with more imperfections. I wish I'd thought to add some harmony vocals at the time. The hard drive I made this one died not long after, so I'll never be able to add the pretty harmony parts Fen Ikner later added to the few live performances of this song we made together.


from Epiphany School, released June 18, 2014



all rights reserved


Young Mothers Phoenix, Arizona

Rhythm, Melody, Smarts, & Booze.

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